The Smart Gateway is suitable for professional requirements and larger applications. The basis is formed by the Siedle In-Home bus system, which is linked to an IP network. This creates a range of highly variable possibilities for application and upgrading.

An overview of the Siedle system world and a new era of mobility at the threshold:
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Application examples
High-end private properties
The building automation control panel is required to receive the door image and release the door at the same time. In the study, the PC features a virtual indoor station, while the Siedle apps are used in the living areas and bedrooms. In the corridor, the video panel in the Individual design provides not just a security backup, but also an eye-catching design feature. A Smart Gateway in the distributor creates the interface between bus and IP.
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A new mixed-use building requiring a high level of business communication flexibility. Network wiring in all units is standard, as is the In-Home bus for the basic supply. A Smart Gateway opens up freedom for subsequent users: Employee iPhones or iPads can just as easily be turned into indoor stations as the PC or Mac in the reception or the IP desk telephones.
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